About: Amaya Ramiel

Crazy Puerto Rican girl doing a PhD in English Literature at the University of Liverpool. Why? Because I love literature! Also, because I am most likely mentally unhinged, but I have it on good authority that that is a requirement within literary criticism. What is this blog about, you ask? Why it’s about everything, but mostly rants, rants about everything. If it comes into my head, I’ll rant about it, good and bad…. mostly bad. We must agree, ranting about peeves and/or things that make us angry is a lot of fun. Arguing too, lots of arguing here.

In addition, as you can see, my writing style is ‘no writing style’; can’t be bothered with it. I will leave writing styles to my doctoral thesis; here we (the voices in my head and me) will write freely without much coherence. Indeed, coherence will be left at the door when entering the Boredom Void – this is my first decree!


That said, the categories in this blog will likely include the following:

– Literary/Book Rants

– Television/Movie Rants

– The Liverpool Student: A Guide to Smart Spending

– Favorite Baking Recipes for Students

And probably a ‘Misc’ section for randomness that doesn’t fit with the other randomness. I hope you enjoy it here, the Boredom Void is open to all who stumble involuntarily and voluntarily across it. I, however, am not responsible for getting you out of it ^_^.




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