Greetings Cyberspace

Hello fellow wanderers, and bear witness to the first incursion of a fool into the realm of online blogging. This blog will likely be extremely random, and without a strict or coherent pattern, which suits me, as I am mostly a random and incoherent pattern. While I have several ‘starter’ ideas for different posts, most will probably consist of whatever tickles my fancy at various moments in time.

To begin, let me offer a brief explanation to the title of this blog: ‘The Boredom Void’. It is derived from one of the first ‘proper’ poems I ever wrote called ‘The Boredom Void of Inspired Imaginings’, which details the fall of an unstable mind into what I have called the ‘boredom void’ – an empty and dreaded space we have all inhabited at some point, mostly during boring, endless lectures, in which all manner of ideas float in no discernible order. It is a place of madness, but also of comfort, for the Boredom Void will always welcome you with open arms.

In this blog you will find critical literary rants, television series rants, observational rants about the world/society (in other words, many, many rants), but also whatever curiosities I happen to find that I will want to share with you. For any students visiting, I am also hoping to write several posts on ‘Student Life in Liverpool –  A Guide to Smart Spending’, based on my own experiences in this fair, yet strange city. In these posts I will explain how to make the best with the least, which we can all agree is a useful skill in this topsy-turvy economy.

I shall leave you with that, and with the promise of more to come soon.



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