On the Right to Make Statements

I stumbled, as I am wont to do, upon this grain of truth today, and as I state it I realize that I am breaking the very exact rule that I am proposing:

– I am too young to know and assert any of these things with any degree of certainty. Indeed, I have yet to acquire the right, brought on by age and experience, that allows a person to be firmly assured of the nonsense s/he spouts at any given time. –

And yet, even as I say it out loud, write it on my notebook, and subsequently here on this page, I am forced to concede that I am guilty of the very thing I claim I cannot do. I have asserted something, yet I will have to wait an age before I am able to believe it and profess it to be true, by which time it won’t be true for I will be young no longer.


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