Praise to My Amazing Headache

I have a most skilled and talented Headache. It has the uncanny ability to beat, pound and drum in exceedingly and increasingly rhythmic patterns, demonstrating a high degree of skill and musicality. Indeed, when it engages both sides of my brain, playing one tattoo on one side and a contradicting, almost comical reply on the other, I dare to compare it to the best percussion sections of any classical orchestra. My Headache’s talent and creativity is so great that it is capable of soaring to bombastic heights, as loud as canon fire and as inspiring as the fastest march, and yet it is also sensitive and emotional to a fault, so that it can perform the softest and most emotive passages in its symphonic scores. Over and over it resounds, with crescendos and diminuendos, with heart and spirit and power; its lyrical quality, its poetry, its raw talent to covey pain, hurt, and suffering are truly beyond compare. How fortunate I am, how privileged, to be gifted thus with such a skillful, creative, most unique Headache!

My love, my anger, and all my sorrow,


PS. points to you if you know where that quote comes from 😉


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